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Contact Person:

Erica Lepurage
Director of Community and Residential Services
(516) 605-2391

Brian Laubis
Recreational Coordinator
(516) 605-2391

5PLUS, a program for all seasons and all interests offers participants a variety of programs throughout the year!

These specialized recreation and respite programs offer children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities including Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, Williams syndrome, Jacobs syndrome, Angelman’s syndrome, Bardet Biedel syndrome, global developmental delays, Asperger’s syndrome, and those with a general intellectual disability the opportunity to expand their interests while maintaining old friendships and making new ones.

Weekends, after school, evenings and vacation breaks are some of the times your family member can participate in all 5PLUS has to offer.

Saturday Recreation (ages 5 and up)
Saturday Recreation is for participants five and older, and is a full day recreation program that meets throughout the school year. The goal of this program is to have children, teenagers and young adults gain appropriate socialization skills. A variety of experiences will be provided through art, music, computers, adaptive physical education, cooking and leisure time activities. Everyone brings their own lunch and friendships are developed and maintained throughout the year. The older participants (ages 18 & older) in our senior program will have the opportunity to experience age appropriate activities in our Teen Lounge and Karaoke Café.

Additional activities for our seniors include computers in our computer lab, healthy eating, sports and field trips. This year we are serving 80 participants.

Vacation Respite (ages 5-15)
ACDS’ Vacation Respite Program is offered three times per year while schools are closed. It is available to children ages 5-15 with developmental disabilities.

This five hour day gives the children the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities in a safe, structured setting. Music, physical education, art, cooking, movement, story time, and playground activities are included in the day. This program has seen an increase in children on the autism spectrum. Many children need a 1:1 staff to participant ratio. This extremely high staffing ratio helps to facilitate each child participating to the best of their ability. This highly popular program can serve up to 27 participants each session.

Dance (five and up)
ACDS’ Dance Program is held throughout the school year at our facility in Plainview on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. This class offers participants ages five and up exposure to ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance techniques. At the end of the program we have a recital that families are invited to attend. This year ACDS is serving 48 participants in this program.

Friday Night Drop In (16 and older)
ACDS’ Friday Night Drop In Program offers young adults the opportunity to socialize with their friends on a Friday night. They use either the gym, the Karaoke Café or the Teen Lounge which has a pool table, a basketball game, air hockey and an assortment of board games. There is a stereo and TV with DVD player for participants who wish to bring in either music or movies from home. This program is held for ten weeks during the year and can hold up to 70 young adults.

Teen Young Adult (16 and up)
ACDS’ Teen/Young Adult Program allows participants, 16 and older, to enjoy a mix of sessions held at ACDS in Plainview and at various community settings. The sessions held at ACDS in Plainview include a group discussion led by a social worker and recreation activities including cooking, sports, music and crafts. Community outings include bowling, seeing plays, miniature golfing and going out to restaurants. Enrollment is for up to 35 participants. Two 8 week sessions per year.

Tween Socialization Group (ages 11-15)
ACDS’ Tween Program this year offered 18 participants ages the opportunity to socialize with friends both old and new in our teen lounge, and karaoke café with activities including healthy eating, art and music in two sessions per year. Age appropriate activities are offered in a supervised setting. There is also a parent support group led by a social worker to address areas such as transitioning to middle school and reaching puberty.

I.C.E. (Integrated Community Experiences) (ages 15-21)
Sundays out in the Community ACDS’ ICE Program serves 18 individuals and meets twice a month on Sundays at various community locations. This program is open to participants that can function in a 6:1 group setting. Participants must not exhibit behaviors which would interfere with community outings. Program holds up to 18 individuals.

Summer Adventure (ages 15 and up)
ACDS’ Summer Adventure offers participants ages 15 and older the opportunity to be a part of a 6 day overnight respite program on a magnificent 200 acre estate in Garrison, NY. Summer Adventure allows participants to develop independence, enjoy recreational activities and practice their daily living skills by staying in a dorm setting with their peers. Daily activities include lifeguard supervised swimming in an indoor pool, arts and crafts, music, movement and physical education activities, exploring the estate, game time, movies, cooking activities and a special evening activity each night. This unique program has been designed to give participants a summer adventure either before typical summer programs start or after their summer program ends but before the school year begins. This year we will have 101 campers participating.

Canoeing (ages 16-18)
ACDS’ unique Canoe Program pairs special athletes with developmental disabilities with volunteers to allow each twosome the opportunity to paddle a canoe on the bay in Freeport. Each session culminates with the Great Freeport Canoe Race. This program is available to teens and adults, and typically about 40 individuals participate.

Sports Training Club (15 and up)
ACDS’ Sports Training Club known as the “ACDS Thunderbolts” fosters team participation and commitment. These traits are encouraged at weekly practices. The sports training club follows the Special Olympics calendar and includes Soccer, Floor Hockey, Basketball and Track. This program is for teens and adults 15 yrs and older and serves 20 participants.

5PLUS Calendar of programs:

ICE – 1 – 2 Sundays per month from
September – June

Tweens – Monday evenings, 7 week session
in fall and spring

Sports Training Club – Tuesday evenings
September – June

Canoe – Tuesday evenings, July – August

Adult Ed Classes – Tuesday evenings

Dance – Wednesday afternoon & evenings
November – May

Teen Young Adult Program – Thursday evenings, 8 week session in fall & spring.

Friday Drop In – Friday evenings, 10 week session January - April

Saturday Recreation – Saturdays, 2 times per month, October – April

Vacation Respite – one week program held three times per year, during February break, spring break and winter break

Summer Adventure – week long overnight respite/camp 1 week end of June, 1 week mid-August



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