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ACDS has a variety of program options for children diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, offered in both our Early Intervention and preschool programs.

Children up to the age of 3 who have been identified on the autistic spectrum and are enrolled in our Early Intervention program can receive individual therapy in their home using the instructional methodology of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).
Home-based related services (Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy) can also be provided at home or in our center.

Our LINX program is a center based social developmental group, which supplements home-based services for 2 to 3 year old children who are on the spectrum or who exhibit similar behavioral characteristics. ACDS offers these children an enhanced group setting in which to generalize social and communication skills acquired through individualized ABA intervention.

LINX PLUS, a half or full day program, integrates individualized ABA intervention into the child’s center-based setting. Each child has their own one on one paraprofessional, supervised by a certified ABA teacher. LINX Plus also gives students opportunities to socialize in small group activities.

Once these children reach preschool age they can continue their education at ACDS in preschool classes designed specifically to meet the needs of children on the autistic spectrum. These programs include a low student to teacher ratio and incorporate individualized instruction using principles of ABA.

A BCBA specializing in Autistic Spectrum disorders, provides ongoing support in the development of goals, instructional modification, and development of behavioral plans.

We are currently authorized to conduct 6:1:2 classes and one 8:1:3 class in this category.


Jane Shimkin, M.S
Special Education
516-933-4700 ex. 121

Tricia Leahy, BCBA
516-933-4700 x 161

SEIT Services

ACDS also provides home-based SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher) services for children on the Autistic Spectrum who are from 3 to 5 years of age. Parent training and counseling is also available for this population.


Judith Anderson, M.S. Ed., SBL
516-933-4700 ext. 197 View Bio >


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