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Compliance at ACDS is truly a team effort. It touches upon every level of the organization, from board to agency management, to the program leaders, and to all staff. Compliance is all about “doing the right thing”.

At ACDS, we are blessed with hundreds of dedicated professionals who “do the right thing” every day.

The rapid expansion of regulatory requirements, coming from federal & state government partners and regulators, has created the following mandated responses:

  • Development & implementation of an agency-wide Medicaid compliance program;
  • Annual effectiveness testing & certification of our Medicaid compliance program;
  • Annual mandated Medicaid compliance training, covering all Medicaid-funded services and staff;
  • Systematic program-level audits to ensure compliance with Medicaid payment standards;
  • Anonymous and confidential compliance “hotline” for reporting, investigation & resolution of potential compliance violations.

With the increasing penetration of federal auditing & enforcement of Medicaid standards, primarily driven by recent historic legislation, compliance will be an increasingly visible and necessary area at ACDS.


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