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TO: All Staff
FROM: Cecilia Barry 
DATE: June 24, 2011
RE: Graduation Thank You

It seems that every year we say that the graduation ceremony was the best ever but I really do think that Graduation 2011 was just marvelous in every aspect. We did have to deal with a weather scare but everyone came together and a contingency plan was developed which thankfully did not have to be used. Parents, relatives and friends arrived expressing bittersweet emotion; joy marveling at the accomplishments of their children along with tears facing the realization that their days of security, acceptance and love at ACDS were coming to an end. From the moment the children walked onto the stage the crowd was in awe of what a wonderful job they did.

The children could not contain their joy and excitement and danced, sang, jumped, clapped and laughed throughout the entire show. They were so prepared and the songs you selected were so child friendly and enticing. The happiness and pride reflected in the faces of the children’s families can not be described in words, a direct tribute to all the effort and hard work everyone puts into each and every day. The emotional reaction of many of the grandparents was so heartfelt and their gratitude and accolades for the staff was nonstop! Pam and Laura, again your organization and coordination of all the elements in planning for the day made graduation as perfect as it was.

Truly graduation was a collaborative graduating team effort – the backdrop was spectacular and to see everyone pitching in during the planning, the practices and the set up was a clear demonstration of the cooperation, dedication and commitment characteristic of the ACDS staff. The hours of labor and love is truly recognized. To Linda, Gladys, and the administrative support staff – so many thanks for all the behind the scene involvement. Barry and Anthony – your support was invaluable in making the day go as smoothly as it did. To our PTO – your devotion and extraordinary efforts to our children is an inspiration to us all. The graduation photos, yearbook, cocktail party, tent, and graduation reception made graduation amazing, festive and so memorable!!

And to all our administrators and staff – to see the progression of each and every one of our students is the result of your devotion, love and expertise you demonstrate each and every day. Starting with the support, encouragement and advocacy of our Family Service Department our children receive the best educational and therapeutic services throughout their years here. The leadership, vision and guidance of our administrative staff has resulted in a school that is thriving and growing (we need classrooms on the ceiling!), reaching out to service children with increasingly diverse learning, behavioral and developmental challenges. The staff of ACDS is extraordinary, second to none – each and every one of you has contributed above and beyond to our children’s achievements, enabling them to leave us prepared and ready for their new schools.

Again, many thanks to all and have a wonderful week off.


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